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JQ provides land surveys for the public and private sectors. Look to our team for the resources to handle wastewater, transportation, higher education, site development projects and beyond. Expect the highest professionalism from the JQ survey team. JQ is certified with the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying, registration number 100566-00.

We take pride in offering our clients the benefit of the latest in survey measurement technology and software. With emphasis on data accuracy, each crew uses a Topcon total station with a data collector and an automatic level for horizontal and vertical field data. JQ also utilizes Topcon GPS equipment with cell phone technology for data collection—either from a radio base or linked with the TxDOT Virtual Reference Station System (VRS) and the Leica Smartnet Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Cooperative Network. Our technicians use Tripod Data Systems software for data processing and Autodesk Civil 3D or Microstation V8i for survey mapping. Our team also has extensive experience researching deed and utilities records.

Boundary Surveys

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The JQ survey team provides a complete property boundary service - critical information for both land owner and design team. Arming all interested parties with the location of boundaries, the land parcel can be fully utilized, taking constraints like setback lines and other city restrictions into account. The JQ survey team will research boundary information, locate boundary monuments, and reconcile the property boundary from deed records and evidence found on the ground.

Right-Of-Way Surveys

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Access right-of-way survey expertise developed through hands-on experience working with both city municipalities and the Texas Department of Transportation. For right-of-way surveys, we determine street and alley rights-of-way for street or water/wastewater line reconstruction. Our team’s work with TxDOT includes preparation for roadway development and land acquisitions with right-of-way maps of existing and new state roadways as well as preparation of parcel plats and descriptions.

GPS Surveys

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The JQ survey team uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to integrate latitude and longitude or state plane coordinates with Geographical Information Systems. Through the use of a radio base station and receiver or through a virtual reference system (VRS), JQ calculates the latitude and longitude or state plane coordinates for any horizontal position.

Land Title Surveys

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Expanding beyond the boundary survey, JQ performs land title surveys certified to ALTA/ASCM standards as agreed to by the client. Our team coordinates with the title company to ensure the survey is completed in time for the property sale.

Topography Surveys

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For a wealth of information describing a tract of land, a topography survey provides a wealth of information. JQ will map land tracts and their detailed attributes including pavement, buildings, fences, utilities, spot elevations and contours.

Tree Surveys

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Trees are a valuable natural resource and are aesthetic attributes to parcels of land. JQ understands the commitment of land owners, the design team, and city planners to preserve trees. We are committed to providing surveys that map tree inventories, including tree sizes, types, and locations, to ensure that the design team will utilize the trees in the project.

Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys

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JQ will provide accurate horizontal and vertical controls—paramount to getting the best results from the entire project team of surveyors, aerial mappers, designers and contractors. JQ’s horizontal and vertical control surveys are developed with conventional field techniques using total stations, differential leveling, and GPS techniques in tandem with virtual reference systems.

Route Surveys

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JQ performs full-service route surveys, starting with requests for right-of-entry onto private property. Our team will provide aerial photography and mapping, verification of existing utility routes, and control, boundary and topography surveys for water or wastewater line route surveys. Our experience includes short routes, measured in hundreds of feet, and long routes measured in miles.

Subdivision Platting

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When city ordinances require a property to be platted as a subdivision in order to perform new site construction, JQ’s team works with city staff to draft and obtain approval of the subdivision plat application. JQ also ushers the process along by obtaining the tax certificates necessary and by filing the plat with the County Clerk.

Easement Exhibits

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Often, tying a new construction project to a utility line or extending a utility line to a new project site requires an easement to grant land use rights. JQ’s team of professionals prepares the parcel plat and description for the easement instrument, works with the client during the approval process, if required by the City jurisdiction, and assists with the filing process with the County Clerk.

LiDAR and Terrestrial Scanning

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JQ uses an advanced terrestrial laser scanning system to deliver accurate detail and precise three-dimensional data for a wide variety of projects across all markets including architectural, civil and structural engineering. Scanning increases data collection efficiency through its fast, reliable data capture as well as having the ability to extract as much data as needed for the project. Scanned information is delivered either in 2-D or 3-D formats as required by the client.