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Facilities Performance

JQ’s facility performance team can provide a comprehensive array of diagnostic and engineering services to assist with the evaluation, preservation, renovation, repair, adaptive reuse and/or strengthening of existing facilities. In the early stages of the planning process, our skilled and experienced team of professionals will guide you through the assessment process to identify critical building deficiencies, provide you with realistic and pragmatic recommendations for your facility and help to facilitate implementation of the selected courses of action.

Structural Strengthening

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Advances in material technology have provided building Owners with an extensive array of innovative products that permit significant upgrades to the load-carrying capacity of existing structures. Carbon and glass fiber reinforced polymer systems can be utilized to supplement structurally deficient structures, to structurally enhance existing structures, to provide seismic upgrades for buildings in earthquake-prone areas, or to provide blast resistance for exposed portions of critically important structures. JQ remains on the forefront of the innovations in this technology, and can provide the necessary design expertise for your project.

Building Envelope/Cladding

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Most buildings are constructed using a variety of exterior cladding systems – masonry, glass, metal, stone, etc. Working together, the systems provide an aesthetic identity for the building, and serve to protect the structure and the building’s occupants from the elements. When one (or more) of the systems fail, moisture intrusion through the building envelope can account for a significant portion of the deterioration of a building’s structural system, damage interior finishes, and pose a threat to building occupants. Properly diagnosing the causes of moisture infiltration requires knowledgeable and experienced professionals. JQ’s staff possesses the qualifications necessary to accurately assess the causes of moisture intrusion, and to provide the building owner with cost effective repair solutions.

Fire Damage Assessment/Repair

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During our lives, many of us have had to deal with the physical and emotional effects of a significant fire event. The devastation caused by fire often times, at first glance, may appear to be catstrophic to a building’s structural system. JQ’s experienced team of professionals stand ready to assist building owners by providing comprehensive assessment services to accurately determine the extent of the fire damage. Determining the stability of the remaining structure is an important first step in the evaluation process. Diagnostic testing of extracted samples from the structure provides valuable information for a thorough evaluation, and helps to for the basis for repair recommendations.

Historic Preservation

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JQ believes that preservation of our nation’s treasured structures embodies the essence of true sustainability. Working closely with Architects, Owners, Developers, and Contractors, JQ is well-versed in providing innovative solutions to the myriad of structural challenges presented by historic preservation projects. Accommodating modern-day MEP systems, upgrading structural systems for new occupancies, and designing framing solutions to provide code-compliant egress pathways are just a few of the ways JQ assists clients in bringing new life to historic structures.

Forensic/Failure Investigation

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Damage to a building’s structural frame can result from a wide variety of naturally-occurring or unexpected events. Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, lightning strikes, earthquakes, vehicular impact, explosions - regardless of the cause of the damage, JQ has the resources to respond quickly to an Owner’s need to:

  • Thoroughly investigate structural failures
  • Obtain guidance to help minimize further damage
  • Be provided with reasonable and cost-effective repair options

Parking Garage Restoration

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Rarely are parking garages the “glamour” part of a facility. But, in many cases, multi-level parking garages are in integral part of a successful building complex. Subjected to the constant onslaught of vehicular traffic and weather, parking garages require their just share of maintenance dollars to maintain weather tightness and proper function. Maintaining an uninterrupted weatherproof barrier will help to guard against moisture intrusion – the major cause of deterioration in parking structures. JQ’s unique qualifications in parking garage repair include staff members with more than fifteen years of hands-on experience in the repair construction industry.

Vibration Design

Vibration Design Image

JQ provides structural designs that accommodate various vibration-mitigating scenarios. From heavy equipment that requires special structural considerations to structures housing ultra-sensitive high tech equipment, JQ can build a solution to meet functional needs for a given situation.