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Our team provides sustainable, cost-effective designs in compliance with regulatory requirements from project scope concepts to design, and construction oversight, we serve architects, developers and government agencies with a dedicated staff of civil engineers and support technicians—all united under the common goal of delivering on time and within budget.

JQ’s civil engineering design experience encompasses public and private site development, rehabilitation of water and sewage piping systems, traffic impacts, and roadway reconstruction. With each project, we not only address design needs but also consider site access, drainage, utility availability and regulatory agency development requirements to give our clients the kind of full-service experience they appreciate.

Land Development

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Our design experience encompasses a broad array of public and private land development project’s, rehabilitation of water and sewerage piping systems, and roadway development and reconstruction. We focus on identifying specific challenges for each project including site access, drainage, flood plain determination, utility availability and accessibility, and regulatory agency development requirements and restrictions. Understanding each project’s overall land development potential and limitations allows us to design a cost effective solution for each unique situation.

Site Development

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We understand the complexity and challenges of coordinating the civil engineering aspects of a project with other design professionals to ensure a complete alliance of all design disciplines and governing agencies. Effective site development is the successful collaboration of owner, architectural and engineering that transforms a projects vision and ideas into reality.

Master Planning Feasibility Studies

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Our understanding of a site’s fully developed vision allows us to provide our clients the technical expertise needed to develop and forecast a project’s needs from the first phase of construction to the projected ultimate developed vision. Our experience and expertise in civil engineering allows us to provide our clients with superior planning and feasibility solutions for sustainable design elements such as utility infrastructure, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, stormwater and environmental management.

Roadway Design

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Effective design of new roads and upgrades or improvements to existing roads requires a comprehensive understanding of vehicular and pedestrian needs coupled with a complete knowledge of drainage and utility requirements. We understand these critical issues and provide roadway design solutions that merge these design elements into a comprehensive and cohesive plan to meet the needs of the project.