Texas Governor’s Mansion

Austin, TX

Services: Structural
Cost: $25M
SF/Floors: 10,000/2
Construction Delivery Method: Construction Manager at Risk

JQ's experience with the Texas Governor’s Mansion began with a deferred maintenance project in 2007. Our services included the design of structural reinforcement for existing wood joists and studs that were altered for installation of the new mechanical systems, as well as extensive underpinning of the 1914 portion of the historic structure to create a new basement mechanical room. After an arsonist set fire to the mansion in June 2008, the deferred maintenance contract was halted and JQ was immediately contracted to provide structural engineering services for the stabilization of the structure. The initial work included on-site investigation the Sunday immediately following the night of the fire to assess the damage and determine stability of the structure for safety concerns. Structural stabilization efforts involved an extensive visual observation of the elements as materials and debris were removed from the interior as well as an examination of the exterior load bearing masonry walls and areas of the basement and crawlspace. JQ began designing and detailing structural shoring for the floors, lateral bracing for the exterior walls, and a temporary roof to protect the interior from further damage. Upon completion of the stabilization, the historic restoration process began. This consisted of a full historic restoration of both the interior and exterior of the mansion as well as a living quarters addition and a separate security screening facility. During this time, there were many structural challenges that were uncovered as the layers of finishes and added items were peeled away to uncover the original structure. Numerous site visits were required, often times with little advanced notice, in order to stay on top of the frequent discoveries.