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About JQ

JQ History

JQ is a team of professionals providing structural and civil engineering, geospatial and facility performance services within a diverse group of markets. Our team is founded on creative and interpersonal ideals, embracing a level-headed, can-do mode of operating to bring the client’s vision to life. Our approach is a convergence of best-in-class technology and respectful communication that puts clients at ease—a unique approach for the industry that brings many clients to collaborate for the long haul.

Since 1984, clients have sought JQ’s innovation in design and project delivery as much as our leadership. Handling the complexities of project management from multiple offices across Texas, JQ serves clients throughout the southern United States. As a group of creative, engaged and people-focused professionals, JQ offers more than access to forward-thinking design and the latest technology—we’re a nimble, resourceful firm renowned for exceeding expectations.

We’re not your usual engineering firm!

Company culture at JQ revolves around involvement. Renowned for being engaged and proactive, our teams are recognized for innovative, high quality work by peers as well as by clients and the industry at-large. Our work environment attracts the best and brightest engineers—socially conscious and responsive to the climate of mutual respect that allows us to bring up new leaders through peer mentoring at every level.

Getting to know peers, clients and bosses on a one-to-one basis is the norm at JQ, and working and playing together as a team is a frequent occurrence here. It’s no wonder that each one of our members personally participates in outside activities like professional societies, volunteerism and philanthropic events; our history supports over three decades of local, civic, and professional involvement, going back to JQ’s early days. Whether we’re working against the clock to meet a deadline, giving back or kicking back, making time to lead meaningful lives is at the core of everything we do.

We have a great community here at JQ.

At JQ, we are more than engineers who design and build structures. We are socially conscious relationship-builders who take an active interest in shaping the world around us.

The willingness to share time and talent while cultivating personal interests is central to the community experience at JQ. Our employees serve worthwhile causes where we live and work. As an extension of our heritage of over thirty years supporting and participating in the causes that make the world a better place, JQ staff members serve as volunteers, members and directors of local civic and professional organizations across Texas.

With the support of our principals and partners, every team member has the opportunity to contribute his personal time and expertise to meaningful causes—initiatives that create stronger community ties and shape our surrounding from the inside out. Individually and as a team, our participation in social causes and professional organizations is crafted around social responsibility and personal fulfillment as much as for the opportunity to grow and connect with like-minded professionals.