Griffin Street Autopark Garage Repairs

Griffin Street AutoPark Ltd.

Completed in 1976, the Griffin Street Autopark Garage is a seven-story, cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete parking garage structure. Ramps between the staggered levels  consist of metal deck and concrete. During JQ’s assessment phase, selective demolition confirmed that the metal decking was the primary reinforcing element for the ramp structures and was observed to be in fair to poor condition. JQ was retained to provide repair documents to replace the deteriorated sections of the ramps. The firm organized the work to be performed in two phases to permit continued use of the garage. Half of the ramps were closed during each phase, necessitating two-way traffic on the remaining ramps, and enclosures were required around the work areas to prevent the migration of dust and debris to parked cars. Several ramps had to be replaced in their entirety; on other ramps, single or multiple three-foot wide sections were removed and replaced.  

Location: Dallas, TX
Services: Facilities Performance