Water Quality Improvements, Bachman Water Treatment Plant

Dallas Water Utilities

This project consisted of various additions and modifications to improve water quality at the Bachman Water Treatment Plant in Dallas. These improvements included modifications to the primary rapid mix facility, implementation of an enhanced coagulation system at the existing flocculation and sedimentation basins, conversion of the existing secondary ferric storage to a polymer storage structure, conversion of the existing primary ferric storage to a BAF chemical facility, development of a new hydrated lime facility and storage center, development of a new ferric sulfate storage facility, renovation of the chlorine scrubber system, complete demolition and replacement of the existing Clearwell No.1, and the installation of several new meter vaults. The project also included renovating the existing office and laboratory space in the head house building at the plant. The existing building is a conventionally reinforced concrete superstructure on concrete spread footings, the perimeter wall is a multi-wythe load-bearing masonry wall, and the roof consists of a metal deck on steel channel framing. Additionally, the design included structural analysis of the existing 1928 framing to support current design code loads.  Any overstressed concrete members received exterior FRP reinforcing, as necessary, to handle the increase in loading.

Location: Dallas, TX
Services: Structural, Civil, Geospatial
Cost: $47.8M