Sterling C. Robertson Tainter Gate Access Improvements

Brazos River Authority

Working as a specialty structural sub-consultant, JQ developed designs for adding dam staff maintenance access walkways for cleaning and repairing the downstream side portions of the dam tainter gates. The trunnion arms and dam face plate shell support members collect debris and moisture, which can lead to corrosion and abbreviated service life. With no safe access or safety tie-off system, dam staff is unable to properly maintain the primary tainter gate framing. JQ coordinated closely with BRA staff to design walkway systems directly on the tainter gate framing with D-ring safety tie-off points to facilitate routine maintenance of the gate’s difficult-to-access areas. Close consideration of the gate rotation was incorporated into the design to ensure the grated walkways were secure. Additionally, the walkway framing was designed for Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) events, as well as related flows and water surface elevations. The final design provides staff safe access and fall protection during maintenance activities.

Location: Leon and Robertson Counties, TX
Services: Structural