Possum Kingdom Morris Sheppard Dam Improvements

Brazos River Authority

JQ evaluated possible permanent access improvement options that would facilitate safe personnel access to the interior of the COC through the discharge end of the 78-inch Ring Jet Valve (RJV). Additionally, the Brazos River Authority requested that JQ evaluate possible access improvement options that would enable maintenance staff to safely access both the 78-inch and 42-inch RJVs in order to conduct the following operations and maintenance tasks: replacement of defective gaskets in the valve body of each RJV, replacement of fasteners for each RJV, sandblasting and recoating the exterior coating of the 78-inch and 42-inch RJVs, concrete repairs to the walls/structures surrounding the RJVs, and routine maintenance tasks for both RJVs. All design options were able to withstand turbulent and submerged environments with flow releases up to a nine spillway gate flood release of 91,364 cubic feet per second.

Location: Possum Kingdom Lake, TX
Services: Structural