Phase II Plant Rehabilitation and Improvements, Central Regional Wastewater System

Trinity River Authority

JQ provided structural engineering support for this project, which consisted of design and construction services for numerous facilities at the CRWS plant — including a new electrical building for PS23 MCC #8 and various new generator and transformer site pad foundations. Other services provided were rehabilitation of the PS15 wet well, installation of a new lime slaker and associated rail system, construction of a spill containment structure for ferric offloading at the north levee railcar loading station, installation of various pad foundations for proposed electrical equipment at PS8 MCC, complete mechanical and structural rehabilitation of Primary Clarifiers 1-4 (including mechanism replacement, structural repairs, coatings, topping slab replacement and aesthetic improvements), structural rehabilitation and improvements to the chlorine contact basins, installation of new elevators at PS6 and PS6A, construction of a new scum concentrator facility, complete mechanical and structural rehabilitation of four existing gravity thickeners (including sub-slab piping modifications, effluent channel modifications, new geodesic aluminum covers and mechanism replacement), structural rehabilitation of Junction Box 1D, structural and mechanical rehabilitation of Final Clarifiers 1-12, and miscellaneous improvements at Aeration Basins 1-12.

Location: Dallas, TX
Services: Structural
Cost: $22M