Joint Booster Pump Station No. 3, Integrated Pipeline Project

Tarrant Regional Water District

To supply the Tarrant Regional Water District and Dallas Water Utilities with 350 MGD of raw water, the JB3 pump station houses eight 3,500-horsepower horizontal split case pumps. JQ served as the lead structural engineer on the project, which consisted of a conventionally reinforced concrete basement structure supported on a mat foundation and drilled shafts founded in deep shale and a steel superstructure. This required large clearspan trusses on rigid frame lateral stability systems. An independent bridge crane supports structure control tolerance for the 50-ton bridge crane that services the extent of the pump room. Focus was placed on controlling pump support structure vibrations and achieving structural natural frequencies well above the pump’s normal operating speed. Structural design of the station emphasized efficient foundation and backfill systems capable of dealing with the site’s highly active soils and deep station backfills. Additionally, non-consolidating fill materials were utilized in effective depth regions to minimize differential settlement impact on at-grade supported structures and utilities buried within the backfill. Sequenced excavation and backfill design allowed for early backfill placements — improving site safety and the construction schedule.

Location: Tarrant County, TX
Size: 350MGD
Services: Structural
Cost: $53M