Inlet Facility at Waterloo Park, Waller Creek Tunnel

City of Austin

This project consisted of a flood-diversion inlet channel and tunnel to intercept creek flows from Waterloo Park below 15th Street to discharge into Town Lake in Austin, Texas. The tunnel is 50 feet below the surface, and it measures 22 feet in diameter and 5,500 feet in length. The inlet channel walls consist of multiple retaining wall types, including MSE stone walls and conventional cast-in-place retaining walls. The channel walls and the in-channel dam serve to impound the tail waters of Waller Creek. These retaining wall and dam structures consist of a buttressed and plate shell dam structure extending more than 50 feet high and bearing on deep shaft foundations. The buttressed dam design is integral to the Waterloo Park design, providing ADA access along the public access park paths. The buttressed dam construction performed successfully during significant flooding in September 2015.

Location: Austin, TX
Services: Structural
Cost: $35M