Dewatering Facility, Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant

Dallas Water Utilities

This globally recognized state-of-the-art facility provides Dallas Water Utilities with reliable sludge processing and dewatering capabilities. An elevated controlled operator mezzanine provides 360-degree views of the facility and ensures worker safety and comfort. Processed sludge is conveyed up a 45-foot-tall hopper structure, where solids are discharged to off-loading trucks for on-site hauling. JQ implemented complete structural rehabilitation of the two sludge blend tanks and added aluminum geodesic dome covers for odor control abatement. A separate solids operation building constructed adjacent to the facility achieved LEED Silver certification — providing the utility with its first-ever sustainability award.

Location: Dallas, TX
Size: 46,000 SF
Services: Structural, Geospatial
Cost: $40M