Aeration Improvements, South Austin Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Austin

This project consisted of modifications to the aeration equipment and blower system that services the Train A and Train B aeration basins at the treatment plant. The five existing aged blowers were replaced with three larger blowers to minimize plant service interruptions and allow for additional access space around the units for operations and maintenance. The new larger units required the demolition and replacement of the concrete foundation slab to accommodate the larger equipment pads, as well as the demolition and replacement of the existing CMU and brick veneer in order for the building to house the larger exhaust louvers for the new blower units. Structural design also included a new electrical room within the existing building and replacement of 5,000 SF of metal roof decking due to corrosion. Stainless steel yard supports for the 48-inch air piping header also were added to each aeration basin.

Location: Austin, TX
Services: Structural
Cost: $23M