Engineering and Computer Science West

The University of Texas at Dallas

This four-story, 200,000 SF mechanical engineering building is primarily a reinforced concrete building segmented into four main wings. The laboratory research wing was designed with post-tensioned concrete pan joists and post-tensioned concrete girders configured to support highly sensitive imaging equipment while still providing future flexibility. The two classroom wings were designed with conventional concrete pan joists and post-tensioned girders, and they contain three longspan, post-tensioned concrete transfer girders. The “connector” wing was designed with an open first-story that provides access to the interior courtyard, and it is supported by two three-story-deep, 110-foot-long structural steel trusses. Additionally, the east end of the building has two distinct protruding architecturally exposed structural steel features, as does the interior courtyard. The AESS trusses support an infill structural steel louver system.

Location: Dallas, TX
Size: 200,000 SF
Services: Structural
Cost: $82M