McCamey County Replacement Hospital

McCamey County Hospital District

This project consisted of four new buildings: a 5,600 SF clinic, a 2,700 SF maintenance building, a 30,000 SF hospital and a 28,000 SF nursing home. The rural clinic includes nine exam rooms, and the replacement hospital includes 14 patient beds with x-ray, ultrasound and CT scan capabilities; procedure rooms; an emergency room; and a pharmacy. The nursing home portion of the building features 30 resident rooms, a kitchen, an activity center and a laundry area. The clinic, hospital and nursing home buildings were designed and constructed with load-bearing cold-formed steel walls and cold-formed steel roof trusses. Due to the limited labor market in the rural location, the cold-formed walls were panelized and built off-site.

Location: McCamey, TX
Size: 60,000 SF
Services: Structural
Cost: $14.5M