Renovation of VOLAR Barracks and Central Energy Plants - Five Phases, Fort Hood

Department of Defense, USACE - Fort Worth District

“This project included the design on five separate phases of the renovation of VOLAR (Volunteer Army) Barracks at Fort Hood, Texas. Four of the phases included the complete interior and exterior shell renovation of multiple three-pod and four-pod barracks. The fifth phase consisted of two two—story barracks, each of a different formation. Four of the five phases included replacement of a block‚Äôs Central Energy Plant, and all five phases included renovations to a laundry space. Each phase also featured miscellaneous site work, such as new walkways, utilities, storm drainage, HVAC piping systems and landscaping. Additionally, all phases achieved LEED Silver certification. These renovations are expected to provide durable and comfortable living quarters for 2,762 soldiers for the next 30 years. Furthermore, each space was designed to double in capacity in the event of a surge situation, therefore reaching a surge capacity of 5,524.

Location: Killeen, TX
Services: Structural