Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) Administrative Building

Red River Army Depot

Located near Texarkana, Texas, on the Red River Army Depot Base, the Defense Finance and Accounting Services Administration Building houses administrative and command operations for the United States Department of Defense. The two-story,  44,000 SF building houses an open office layout on both floors. The second floor is framed with composite steel beam, a metal deck and concrete slab. The roofs are framed with steel beams and bar joists. Due to the sandy site soils, deep foundations posed construction issues; as a result, JQ used a stiffened, ribbed mat slab foundation. The site layout allowed for an 82-foot standoff to parking areas. While the standoff is adequate for the Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection design of brick veneer buildings, it is not adequate for the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) walls on the second level. JQ provided a design with metal decking on the face of exterior metal studs and behind the EIFS to resist blast loads at the 82-foot standoff distance. Additionally, the facility has been certified LEED Silver. 

Location: Texarkana, TX
Services: Structural