Sandow Unit SA5 Acoustic Sensor Platforms

Luminant Generation

This project involved the addition of a substantial platform area at a new 500 MW coal-fired power generation plant to service the acoustic sensors embedded in the side of an 80-foot-tall boiler structure. As originally designed, there was no direct access to the sensors, which must be periodically inspected and cleaned or replaced. As the boiler is completely enveloped in structure, piping, cable trays and ancillary equipment, it was not possible to access these sensors from the ground using boom lifts, scissor lifts or other conventional means. JQ laser scanned the entire side of the boilers containing the sensors and developed plans to “thread” the new platforms into the gap between the existing unit platforms and the boiler wall — all while avoiding the buckstays that brace the sides of the boilers.

Location: Rockdale, TX
Services: Structural, LiDAR