Martin Lake Unit ML2 Fan Power Feed Cable Trays

Luminant Generation

This project involved the addition of electrical cable tray supports for new above-ground 6,900 V power feeds for the forced draft, primary air and induced draft fans at this 250 MW coal-fired power generation unit. The original 40-year-old-plus underground power feed cables were deteriorating due to moisture exposure, and one of the cable fans had broken completely, causing the unit to shut down until a temporary power cable was procured from the nearby lignite mining operation. It was only a matter of time before the cables to the other fans were going to break, so JQ performed more than 100 laser scans that enabled the modeling of the structure, equipment, piping and other items along the proposed routing of cable trays. In the final buildout, the cable trays were routed around the entire unit to serve all fans, as well as the coal pulverizers — starting and finishing at the switchgear housing located adjacent to the turbine-generator building. The Martin Lake plant is one of only two remaining operational lignite-fueled power plants in Luminant’s inventory.

Location: Tatum, TX
Services: Structural, LiDAR