The Drever

Drever Capital Management

This project is the renovation of an existing 52-story Dallas building (two below-grade garage levels and 50 above-grade levels). The circa-1963 structure consists of primarily structural steel with some cast-in-place concrete and composite construction. Renovation of the building tower includes modifications to Levels 1 and below for parking and storage, Levels 1 and 2 for retail and office space, Levels 4 and 5 for office/parking/entertainment spaces, Levels 6 through 8 for parking, Level 9 for an amenities deck with new lounge spaces/patio bars and a pool, Level 10 for a restaurant/bar and deck, Levels 10 through 49 for 570 residential units and Level 50 for mechanical. A new parking garage ramp will be constructed within the building footprint to connect parking areas located on Levels 2 through 8. In order to make a new drive aisle on Level 8 for parking and  anticipated increased loading on Level 9, the existing high steel trusses will be modified and strengthened. Additionally, the existing marble facde/cladding up to Level 9 will  be removed, reconditioned and replaced. parking level and increased loading for level 9, the existing story high steel trusses will be modified and strengthened.  The existing marble façade/cladding up to level 9 is to be removed, reconditioned and then replaced.

Location: Dallas, TX
Size: 1,300,000 SF
Services: Structural Engineering
Cost: $170M