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JQ’s multi-disciplinary team supplies broad management and technical expertise to any water-related project. From source to inbound treatment water, and from reclaimed water to treated effluent, JQ partners with you every step of the way because we excel at supporting dynamic projects with many stakeholders.

We are dedicated to the process and deliver projects that are feasible,sustainable and economical. Appreciating the field conditions can differ and that system requirements and client criteria often evolve, our objective is always to greet project development challenges head on. The JQ team is committed to full participation, from conception and design through construction to each facility’s start-up.

From source water to treated water that reaches the customer, and from reclaimed water to treated effluent, JQ works to accommodate the complexities of multiple stakeholders. With variation in field conditions and evolving client demands, JQ is able to meet the challenges of infrastructure projects with flexibility and understanding. We are dedicated to full participation in the process from start to finish, delivering facilities that are feasible, sustainable and economical.

Water Treatment/Distribution

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Our staff is comprised of structural, process, mechanical and civil engineers who have planned and designed potable water treatment plants and pumping stations. JQ’s designs conform to the most current American Water Works Association standards as well as the Environmental Protection Agency standards as set forth in the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Our work includes both small systems, 100,000 gallons per day treatment capacity, and large systems, over 500 million gallons per day, experience.

Storm Water

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Effective storm water designs maintain the natural, pristine environment affected when rain accumulates and travels over land as storm water. As this runoff flows into lakes and rivers and recharges aquifers, our expertise in evaluating this storm water quality influences our work. JQ can design water protection systems for municipal water sources as well as pre-treatment systems for storm water for ensuring the safety of discharge into water bodies.

Wastewater Treatment/Collection

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With experience designing pump stations and treatment plants to reside in populated urban areas, we employ the latest methods, materials and technology for safety and reliability while minimizing noise and odor. Having performed engineering services on wastewater facilities ranging in size from less than 1 MGD to over 400 MGD, JQ brings a wealth of real world design and construction expertise to every facility project.


Dams/Levees Image

Flood control structures such as dams and levees provide a front line defense in the large scale protection of population centers - especially critical in times of natural and man-made disasters. JQ has the engineering expertise to evaluate, rehabilitate and design facilities for continuous reliable flood control systems—making JQ a critical resource supplying infrastructure and maintenance support for planning operations efforts by both state and federal agencies.


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JQ addresses sprawling networks of water distribution and wastewater collection pipelines transport clean potable water to homes and businesses, also carrying wastewater to reclamation plants. We evaluate aging pipelines, design and specify the most proven in-place rehabilitation methods. Our experienced team has designed large transmission mains, over 90” in diameter, as well as standard service lines, 6-8” diameter—producing designs that incorporate the latest in trenchless construction for installation when roadways and other surface infrastructure cannot be disturbed.


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JQ offers solutions to handle storm water management on roadways, integrating new road storm water management systems with existing municipal systems. Our team frequently works with municipalities to examine existing roads to determine the original storm water management intentions, then suggest mutually satisfying upgrade solutions for bringing roads up to current standards-modern methods which often require replacement of existing drainage structures and piping.


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JQ will provide design of utility relocations or upgrades. In the case of roadways, our projects frequently include water and sanitary sewer relocation—whether due to design needs, age, changes in land use or population growth. With each transportation project, coordination comes with the territory, including interfacing with municipal public works departments and private utilities—gas, telecom, electric—that have facilities located in the project area.