The Zweig Letter - The new age of selling

Date Posted: Aug 22, 2016
Location: Dallas, Texas

“As few as 25 years ago, our industry relied almost exclusively on relationships as the means to obtain work. It was actually taboo to use the word “sell” as it implied that we as architects and engineers were no different than a street vendor, hawking his wares to anyone who happened to walk past. Just like that vendor, we only sold to those who happened to pass by. Our only difference was that we were not as vocal. Fortunately, times have changed and our industry has grown to appreciate the value and absolute necessity of marketing and business development.” In his article about the new age of selling featured in The Zweig Letter, JQ’s CEO, Stephen Lucy, PE, discussed the importance of market research, why to invest in a CRM platform, providing business development training for all staff, and why hybrid seller-doer teams are the future selling model.

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