Fordham Road from Jennings to Hale Street

Dallas, TX

Services: Civil, Survey
Cost: $561,000
SF/Floors: NA
Construction Delivery Method: Competitive Sealed Bid

The project consists of paving and drainage design for 600 LF of 36-foot-wide, 8-inch thick 4,000 PSI reinforced concrete pavement, storm drainage, and other miscellaneous items. Project scope includes removing and replacing existing reinforced concrete pavement from the west curb of Jennings Avenue to the east curb of Hale Street, removing and replacing fifteen driveway approaches, removing 600 LF of existing 30-inch reinforced concrete pipe, installing approximately 600 LF of proposed 36-inch reinforced concrete pipe, and removing and replacing approximately 600 LF of 8-inch wastewater main installed in or around 1946. JQ also provides topographic survey for the design of the improvements.