Pump Stations 13 | 13B & EWQ Basins Improvements, CRWWTP, Trinity River Authority

Dallas, TX

Services: Structural, Civil
Cost: $24M
SF/Floors: NA
Construction Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build

A first of its kind, this 50MGD vertical turbine solids handling pump station was the first self-cleaning trench wet well in the state of Texas and the largest return activated sludge station utilizing VTSH pumps in the United States. The VTSH configuration greatly reduced the footprint of the facility minimizing the impacts on the congested plant utilities and reducing costs by more than $2.5M. Shoehorning the facility between existing filter, clarifiers and major utilities while excavating down 40+ feet proved challenging. JQ implemented sequenced shoring systems to ensure a safe and constructible solution. Survey monitoring of adjacent structures were implemented to monitor and protect against movement of adjacent structures which proved successful during construction.