Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex

Fort Worth, TX

Services: Structural Engineering, Survey
Cost: $101.5M
SF/Floors: 500,000SF
Construction Delivery Method: Design Bid Build

The Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex is the new combined headquarters and training academy for both the Fire and Police departments for the City of Fort Worth. Two pre-World War II warehouses were renovated and repurposed to house 500,000 SF of indoor training space. This resulted in significant savings versus building completely new facilities. The training center includes a 30,000 SF warehouse capable of simulating a variety of industrial and hazardous material scenarios with leaking gas, chemicals, smoke and fire. Additionally, the complex contains a 30,000 SF indoor tactical training village, which simulates a city streetscape complete with a school, a bank, a residential building, a gas station, an office and an apartment. It also has an eight-story high rise and a two-story Class A residential fire training building, a dive training facility, a flashover survival training chamber, a simulated collapsed parking garage for urban search and rescue training, and an emergency vehicle driving course. The complex’s indoor firing range includes a 50-yard tactical range, 25-yard tactical range, 100-yard rifle range, and a small 25-yard range for individual training. Finally, the Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex includes over 40 acres of outdoor training space. In addition to providing structural engineering and surveying services for the project, JQ also performed LiDAR (laser scanning) data acquisition and generated a BIM model of the existing historical structures to help the design team to efficiently and accurately complete the project.