Stark and Guinn Towers Exterior Weatherization, Texas Women’s University

Denton, TX

Services: Structural
Cost: $1.7M (estimated)
SF/Floors: 167,000/21 (Stark) ; 191,000/24 (Guinn)
Construction Delivery Method: NA

Texas Woman’s University asked JQ to conduct and extensive inspection of the façades of the Stark Tower, Guinn Tower and the shared Commons Building on their campus in Denton, Texas. Selective demolition was performed to ascertain the condition of the various components of the building envelope system. Repairs included precast concrete elements on the façade, concrete slabs at balconies, handrails/guardrails and associated anchorages at balconies, concrete slabs at canopies at the Commons Building, installation of control joints in the brick masonry veneer creation of horizontal relief joints at each masonry shelf angle, repair of lateral ties between the brick veneer and concrete block back up, and regrading of the site and repair of flatwork to address site erosion.