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A New Leadership Paradigm

May 15, 2017

“We were all young once and, whether we remember it or not, we were different than the generation before us. We should not approach this generational transition facing our industry as the problem with millennials, but as the opportunity presented by millennials.” JQ’s CEO, Steve Lucy,...

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Risks Aplenty

Feb 20, 2017

Growth is all but assured in a healthy market, but if a firm doesn’t watch out, it can grow helter-skelter to the point of extinction.

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Burnout. Can you avoid it?

Jan 09, 2017

“As a firm leader, you set the example to be emulated by your team. If you cannot align your career with the rest of your life to avoid burnout, how can you expect those around you to avoid it?” JQ’s CEO, Stephen Lucy, PE, disscusses best practices for addressing the challenge of burnout in...

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