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Avoid new partner pitfalls

Jun 26, 2017

​ JQ’s CEO Stephen Lucy, PE, was featured in this months edition of The Zweig Letter. In his article he speaks about the qualities one should look for in future younger partners as the workforce continues to age.

Stephen says, ““Most professional services firms are aging at the top....

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Day of Service Initiative Launched; JQ Giving Back To The Community

Jun 08, 2017

Our long awaited Day of Service initiative has officially been launched and rolled out through our offices across the state. We developed this Day of Service initiative to create opportunities for our employees to help local non-profits while bringing our team members together within their...

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Burnout. Can you avoid it?

Jan 09, 2017

“As a firm leader, you set the example to be emulated by your team. If you cannot align your career with the rest of your life to avoid burnout, how can you expect those around you to avoid it?” JQ’s CEO, Stephen Lucy, PE, disscusses best practices for addressing the challenge of burnout in...

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